ACH Mental Health Resources

ACH Mental Health Resources

Community Pediatric Psychiatric Consultation Clinic

Clinic Philosophy

  1. To provide support and consultation to Community Pediatricians regarding their management for children with comorbid developmental and psychiatric problems.
  2. To provide efficient access to specialized psychiatric consultation.
  3. To build a mutually supportive relationship between Community Pediatrics and Developmental / Psychiatric Services.
  4. To recognize that these complex children and their families have multiple levels of difficulty and challenges and require effective continuity of medical care.


Jennifer E Fisher M.B., B.S., MRCPsych, FRCP(C)
Consultant Psychiatrist
Developmental Services at the Child Development Center
Alberta Children’s Hospital, 2888 Shaganappi Trail NW
Calgary, Alberta. Canada T3B 6A8

Clinic Format

Each Thursday has been reserved for this clinic and there are two components.

  1. Direct consultation – a request for Dr. Fisher to see and assess a child and family

    1. The referral should be addressed to Dr. Fisher at the above address
    2. Once received the referral information will be reviewed
      i. If appropriate the family will be booked for an appointment
      ii. If there are questions about the appropriateness of the referral Dr. Fisher will discuss the request with the referring physician-
  1. Phone consultation – a request for a case discussion with Dr. Fisher regarding a child

    1. Each Thursday afternoon (1300 to 1600hrs) has been reserved for this
    2. To make a request please complete the brief referral form (attached) and fax to Sandy Willows, Nursing, at 403-955-5990. Administrative support staff at the CDC will then contact your office to arrange a convenient time to discuss the patient

Clinic Criteria


  1. Children and youth with significant developmental disorders with comorbid psychiatric symptoms where there are questions regarding diagnosis and management.
  2. Children with major developmental disorders (autism, FASD etc.) and complex medical, genetic, teratogenic, neurological situations with significant psychiatric symptoms where diagnostic clarity is required
  3. Questions regarding management strategies and needs

Psychiatric symptoms / comorbidity includes; severe mood / behavioural dysregulation, obsessions and compulsions, anxiety and psychotic presentations for instance amongst many other presentations

Physician referral is required and the population served is children and youth age 0 – 18yrs.


Direct consultation

  1. Children with uncomplicated developmental disorder and minor emotional or psychiatric issues or primarily psychiatric problems with associated mild developmental difficulties
  2. Situations where some “1st line interventions” have not been tried. A telephone consultation with the community pediatrician could determine whether any of these interventions may be needed prior to any referral for Dr. Fisher to see the child. Examples of these may include;Where the situation is primarily psychosocial or related to service delivery issues
    1. Trials of commonly used psychotropic medications,
    2. Contacting appropriate social / behavioural resources on behalf of the family
    3. Advocacy with resources e.g. FSCD
    4. Consultation with educational services for selected cases
    5. Referral for behavioural help and / or Family Therapy for selected cases
  3. Where the situation is primarily psychosocial or related to service delivery issues.

Indirect phone consultation
There are no exclusion criteria for discussion about a patient as long as the child has a significant developmental disorder with psychiatric difficulties.

Referral Information required

Patient demographics, a brief summary of the relevant history and the question(s) you would like to address with Dr. Fisher – please see the attached referral form



For phone consultation the referring physician will bill 03.01LG and Dr. Fisher will bill 03.01LJ. There is no time limit for these codes.


The Community Pediatric CME evenings would be valuable additional resource for consultation. For example “problem orientated presentations” regarding a specific clinical issue. After a brief presentation on the topic the group could discuss actual cases.

Request for telephone consultation form

Access Mental Health

Child and Adolescent Shared Mental Health Care

           Helps pediatricians assess, treat and manage the mental health concerns of patients < 18 years of age through regular consultation at the physician’s office. Can set up ARP payment through their office.
            Phone: 403-943-9363

– Adolescent Day Treatment Program

            To provide intensive multidisciplinary day treatment for moderate to severe mental health difficulties – treatment for 3 months

– Collaborative Mental Health Care

            Program that provides preschool mental health consultation to community professionals (0 – kindergarten)

– Mental Health Community Services

            Community-based outpatient mental health service for children, adolescents and families (provides group, family and play therapy sessions to 0 – 18 years)

– Pediatric Behavioral Developmental Clinic

            Provides assessment, management and counseling to families with children with mild to moderate behavioral and developmental difficulties (< 12 years  of age)

– Mental Health Urgent Service

            Provide direct professional consultation for children and adolescents and their families who have urgent or emergent mental health concerns.

            Criteria: Cleared by ER doctor and are imminently at risk to self or others, or unable to function in community due to mental health

– Calgary Eating Disorder Program

      Needs specific lab work and information provided on their requisition for referral

      To access more information or referral forms, see Alberta Health Services website  and search “Calgary Eating Disorder” or

      1820 Richmond Road SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 5C7;  Phone: 403-943-1500 Access Mental Health or 403-955-7700; Fax: 403-955-3066

– Healthy Minds/Healthy Children

            – offers a variety of resources and services on an outpatient basis to assist in child and adolescent mental health (can provide in office consultation or via telephone/teleconference), provides internet-based professional development modules on child mental health

LEAP Project: Online Depression Treatment Program for Young People:
            Referral form


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